Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Author of historical westerns gets hands on research

 Writing historical romance means tons of research, which I do enjoy. But there is nothing like a real life experience. 

Yesterday two friends afforded me the opportunity to not only go for a carriage ride, but to help rig up the horses for the outing. 

Wow these guys are REALLY big. I'm accustomed to donkeys with big ears and little feet, not animals with little ears and feet the size of dinner plates!

The two beautiful Belgian horses, Flicka and Pete, were so well behaved and patient as I struggled with the surprisingly heavy trappings which had to be lifted quite high up and over their heads and backs. 

The process has a specific order to follow, and there are LOTS of straps and buckles that not only go on each horse but were also used to connect the two horses together. 

  Just think what your hero or heroine goes through every time he or she heads to town for supplies. 
   Ninety degrees in the shade, ten below zero, in wind and rain...they did this first if they wanted to go anywhere by carriage or wagon. 

        Look at their gorgeous manes and tails. 
      Steve told me when driving a carriage, the reins are called lines. 

  The next challenge was getting onboard the carriage, no easy feat either, but I managed to clamber up on top without incident. 
Brought along some "fancy hats" so we were in high style as we headed down the road. Barb grabbed a selfie.
                          Best view around. 
Loved hearing their hooves clip clopping along. 
Can you imagine doing this for hours and hours, the sound of their hooves became mesmerizing after a while. 

When we went faster, we had to hold onto our hats, Victorian headgear doesn't come with a stampede strap. 
For some reason my video will no longer play😔

                      Home again, home again. 

Now all the track must be properly removed and cared for, quite another undertaking. Thank you Barb and Steve for having me out, and for treating me to this unique experience. 

Other sweet faces at the farm. 

What a wonderful day.

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