Friday, January 13, 2012



     I don't make resolutions anymore. I never keep them and then I feel guilty. However, while speaking with my friend, Angela, on New Year's Eve, she mentioned that rather than resolutions she makes plans. This sounded so much more logical, optimistic, and attainable. And hey, plans can be altered, added to, fall through, be scrapped, go awry, or culminate in great sucess. So here goes....

I plan to have a smashing vegetable garden this year.


                I plan to grow out my forlorn hair do (hair don't).


        I plan to write more, including westerns and contemporaries. 

                             I plan to become rich and famous.


                                    I plan to try meditation. 


                            I plan, oh I can't tell you that one....  

      Anyway, I hope your New Year is filled with exciting new plans, happy days, romantic nights, and dreams come true.


                  And if things aren't working out, try a new plan.