Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fae Warriors book 3 PORTENCE coming soon

                                 Fae Warriors 
                       Book 3                         
Three years ago he abandoned her. 
Now he says he can't live without her. 
 In the final battle to save the Earth, Fae Warrior, Portence Goodeve stands ready to serve Mother Nature. But as she fights for the future of the planet, she’s haunted by her past. One near-death experience and a betrayal that goes deep become weapons that could get her killed.
     Malachi, a cross/breed, half-sorcerer and half-Fae, is back to help fight the Reptile invaders. Once upon a time, his sexy Fae-half stole Portence's heart, breath, and good sense. Then he abandoned her—what if it happens again? Should she surrender to desire, giving both Malachi and love another chance? Or seek retribution and be done with him forever?

  “What in supersymmetry are you doing here?”
   “I came to warn you.”
    “About what? I don’t need your help.”
   “You needed my help back then, Portence, and you need it now. Why must you always be so stubborn?
   “It’s poor strategy to bring up what you did to me in the past,” she snapped, ignoring his question.
   Mouth pressed into a grimace, she stood her ground, fighting to remain calm, fighting not to slap his face and then fling herself into his arms. They stood in the moonlight staring at one another, he with those golden eyes, clear and penetrating, his expression hot as molten amber.
     His five o’clock shadow had slid closer to eight o’clock, deepening the angles of his beautiful face, adding darkness and danger to the sculpted features so angelic when he so chose.
   His lustrous black hair, grown longer, had been tamed into multiple braids intertwined with feathers and beads, all of it hanging down his back over the hood of the caftan he wore. The long flowing fabric, black as his hair, twinkled with Celtic symbols embroidered in silver thread. 
   The garb obscured his form except where it stretched tight to accommodate his broad shoulders and chest, but she remembered every dip and hollow of his well-muscled body. She’d touched and tasted of it fully, over and over. 
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                              THE WILD ROSE PRESS

                              THE WILD ROSE PRESS