Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sisters, shopping, and sweet treats

    My sister's birthday and mine are only 1 week apart. Our little joke is to take each other to lunch, which basically is just payin' your own way. We look forward to this every year, and try to find a new place to experience, and of course it must feature great deserts.

   This year we went to Bistrot des Artistes. A french cafe that had a terrific menu and dreamy deserts.

    The outside was adorable, it was too cool to eat alfresco, but we made a pack to come back during a warmer month so we could wear long dresses and big hats and pretend we were on the Champs Elysées, or the Left Bank, or someplace French.  

The inside was delightful as well, with old world charm and whimsy.The menu included pumpkin soup, French onion soup, salads, and of course quiches, as well as various sandwiches, and panini.   

    Then there were the deserts, a sweet lovers dream. Chocolate Oblivion Cake, Carmel Oblivion Cake, Chocolate mousse, raspberry tarts, lemon meringue tarts, tiramisu, eclairs, and pies, cakes and cookies. We have to go back soon! 
     Finished feasting, there is a shop to browse filled with jams, homemade bread, cookbooks, crepe pans, linens, spices, ceramics, and other chachkies you can't live without.

    And if that isn't enough, there is an annex, kept at a very cold temperature, filled with imported cheeses and lots of samples for tasting.

   This year's location could be the all time favorite. And now I need some chocolate.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


   Thank you Jessi, and all the wonderful people at Farr Library in Greeley who made ReadCon 2013 possible. What a great experience.

 And thanks to my sister for fearlessly driving us to parts unknown (we only go a little bit lost!), and for manning the camera, and sharing the adventure.

  It was fun to meet other authors and readers, getting to know what genre they preferred, if they leaned toward E-books or paperbacks, etc.


  We  met several celebrities there. They were really good about us Paparazzi-ing them. 

 "Hi Edgar, my name is Virginia, just like your wife."
"Ooooh, Fabio, my hero."
                "Forget Scarlett, stay with me Rhett."

All in all a spectacular time......and I didn't even try the brew! Heard it was very good with lots of interesting "flavors".