Wednesday, March 30, 2011




        Love makes the world go `round. All you need is love. 
                        Love is a many splendored thing.
       If we are lucky, from the first breath we take to the last breath relinquished, love surrounds us. But Love is an elusive emotion. It comes in many shapes and sizes, different colors, and morphs depending on viewpoint and experience. And with age, it definitely becomes a cherished commodity. It is by far the most powerful emotion in the multiverse, it is immortalized by poets, capitalized upon by card companies, jeered at by some, sold on street corners, and secretly longed for by all.

     But as we were never promised a rose garden, not everyone gets an equal share of love. Maybe only a lovin’ spoonful rather than an ocean of love. It’s not fair, it hurts to feel unloved.

     In a recent quantum physics class, I was told we create our own reality—pretty big responsibility—and what we put out into the world is what we attract. In other words, the Beatle’s were correct, in the end, the love you take equal to the love you make. Better get out there and make some love! Slow down, I don’t necessarily mean physically. You can love a person, an animal, a tree, even a rock. If you hold to the secular concept that we are created from stardust our connection to the universe is unquestionable.

      So, do you feel a bit short on love today, this week, this year?  I’m sorry. If you’d like to borrow some for a little while, my stories are jam packed with romance and they always end happily. Not necessarily a reflection of real life, but what we strive to make it and what it can be at least for a little while. You’re never alone with a good book at your side. Please visit for book titles, reviews, and excerpts.

     Well, that was my first ever post on my first ever blog and for some reason I feel like Carrie Bradshaw spewing out theories, thoughts and feelings. Putting it out there and wondering if anyone will even read this. Hope so.

With gratitude for so many things, especially love.