Friday, December 9, 2022

Book signing December 17th at Used Book Emporiaum

  Books make great stocking stuffers and the Used Book Emporium has something for everyone. Please stop by on Saturday December 17th between noon and 2 PM and meet authors Betty LaValle and Gini Rifkin and checkout their latest releases. 

               346 Main St, Longmont, Colorado   

  Professional photographer, author, and artist Betty LaVelle will be there to sign her newest book released in November, The Reprise of Rooster Rockstar. Rooster Rockstar is a lively collection of poetry, photography and art illustrated in vivid color. Several photographs in this recent work are of areas surrounding Longmont. The book's smaller size and colorful cover make it a great holiday gift.    

    Gini Rifkin, an award-winning Colorado author who has written 15 books of romance and adventure, will have available her latest release Break Heart Canyon together with two of her other western novels: Undercover Outlaw & Trapper's Moon

 Undercover Outlaw won the Beverley Award from Colorado Romance Writers for best historical of the year. 

  Come meet and chat with Betty and Gini and stroll the aisles in the cozy, vintage-built bookstore selling both brand new, used, and specialty-ordered books.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Five Stars for Break Heart Canyon from Reader's Favorite

Break Heart Canyon had my attention from the first page until the last. I was captivated by the story and could not put it down.

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Thank you, Alma Boucher at Reader's Favorite

Break Heart Canyon by Gini Rifkin is a romance combined with myth and legend. Ryker Landry is looking for the ancient relics of Break Heart Canyon, and Una MacLaren owns the land. She vows to protect the relics and keep them safe. She does not allow any trespassers and chases Ryker off her land with a rifle.
The local men do not want Una to succeed with her farm. They will do anything to make sure Una fails. Una is struggling to keep her goat farm and teams up with Ryker to help her. She is not sure if he wants to help her or is only after the relics.
Ryker's and Una’s lives are in danger and only trust can save them. Rumors are doing the rounds about the legend of the white cougar in Break Heart Canyon.
Break Heart Canyon had my attention from the first page until the last. I was captivated by the story and could not put it down. I just kept reading and did not want to miss anything. I was fascinated by the legends and enjoyed the mystery surrounding them. Gini Rifkin intertwined romance and historical facts to write this beautiful story. Her writing is excellent and descriptive. The events were described in detail. I was transported into a world of ancient relics and legends where the past and present meet. It was done superbly and naturally. The characters were well-developed and strong. The romance between Una and Ryker was handled excellently, and it was realistic. They were my favorite characters. I did not see the ending coming. It was a pleasant surprise.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

HO HO HO December book giveaway starts now.

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     You could win a copy of my Medieval Romance                                     Iron Heart

England: circa. 879 A.D. In the time of King Alfred the Great 

With the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet, Faran Kilbraun travels far from home in search of the sword and shield of his ancestors. Protecting the ancient relics was his responsibility. Now, to regain his honor, he must recover the stolen artifacts and battle a life-long enemy. 

Following the accidental death of her cruel husband, Leanora Wrenn is wrongly accused of his murder. Forced into exile, a small north shore island becomes her place of refuge, exoneration her only hope. 

When Faran discovers Leanora's remote sanctuary, both their lives are changed forever. Destined to become comrades-in-arms, they fight side by side. Ending up in one another’s arms, will they find redemption and love?

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