Thursday, May 25, 2023

Mary Morgan's book sale and celebration of the 10 year anniversary of her first contract!

             Dragon Knight's Sword.
                     grab your copy now, 
                  99 cents until June 2nd
                     Available here....


   Duncan Mackay will do anything to lift the curse from his family -- even forfeit his own life. But his plans change when he encounters the woman from his dreams, literally. She is from the future, somehow has his lost sword, and can talk to the Dragon that is able to lift his family's curse. 

Brigid O'Neill has spent her life listening to the mythological legends from Ireland and Scotland. When an ancient sword lands on her doorstep, she starts dreaming of a rugged Highlander and takes on a quest that will alter everything she believes.

Before their journey ends, not only will Duncan and Brigid battle an ancient curse, but they must also find the courage to believe in the destiny that brought them together.


                 Welcome Mary                       

                             Thank you for visiting the farmlette.
    I know you enjoy all things Scottish, including scones and a drop of the spirits, but I thought today you might like to try a local treat. 
   We have warm fry bread with honey, and Mountain Man stump-blower. I think your Scottish heroes would approve of this libation, it will definitely put a pleat in your kilt!  

   Congratulations on celebrating the tenth anniversary of signing your very first contract. How exciting. Can you believe it has been that long?
    Hello Gini! I’m a wee bit stunned it’s been ten years since I signed that first contract. What an adventure this journey has taken me on—from epic highs to even a few bumpy turns along the way. Yet I have no regrets.  I got the contract after several rewrites, hahaha! on an afternoon in May of 2013. 

  Do animals play a part in Dragon Knight's Sword, or in any of your other literary works? 
    Gini, I adore animals as secondary characters! In each of my stories, I have an animal or two throughout. I couldn’t imagine not placing a special fur or feathered friend within the story. They truly add depth, and a laugh or two. 
  With Dragon Knight’s Sword, Duncan MacKay’s horse was a close confidant named Brandubh. And a young lass, Nell, kept a shelter for her family of stray, injured animals—from cats, an owl, a rabbit, and a dog.

Did you grow up with any animals, Mary? 
   Absolutely! I grew up with dogs and several cats. My earliest recollection of my first pet was at four years old. I remember the day our “Corky” pup was born. His mom belonged to another family, but she decided to give birth in our kitchen. I was eating breakfast and looked over to see this small blond fluff of fur coming into the world. A treasured memory.  

   What a heartwarming first recollection, and such a special bond with your puppy. If you had unlimited space (and a ranch-hand to help with the chores and feeding) with what animals would you surround yourself? 
   Sheep! Of course, there would be dogs, a stray cat, and I might have a cow. Oh! And horses, too!

What are you working on now, and anything else you would like to add?
   I’ve recently wrapped up the third book in The Wolves of Clan Sutherland series: Steinar. I’m already researching the fourth book, which readers will find out the identity when they read Steinar’s story. In addition, I have future books planned for the Dragon Knights. I’m not finished telling their tales. 

 I'm sure your fans are excited to hear there will be more Dragon Knights coming their way. Mary, your dedication to, and enthusiasm for writing is an inspiration. Thank you so much for all your great stories and for spending time with me. 
   Thank you, Gini! I so enjoyed visiting you today. Now, let’s go visit all your wonderful animals. 

         Yes, grab your boots and hat. The goats and donkeys are anxious to meet you too. 

About Author Mary Morgan: 

Multi award-winning romance author, Mary Morgan resides in Northern California with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.

Mary's passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. Inspired by her love for history and ancient Celtic and Norse mythology, her tales are filled with powerful warriors, brave women, magic, and romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.

If you enjoy history, tortured heroes, and a wee bit of fantasy, then travel back in time within the pages of her books.

Connect with Mary here ~


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Monday, May 1, 2023

May book giveaway at Still Moments Magazine.

 You could win a copy of Undercover Outlaw my historical romance and winner of The Beverley Award.     

Jesse is determined to track down the man who killed his brother in cold blood. Impersonating an outlaw, his quest for justice becomes a living, breathing, part of his soul.
Trinity is heading to Denver to escape her vicious guardians. When her stagecoach is robbed, Jesse kidnaps her, and all her well-laid plans collide with his, leaving them both in danger.
Trapped in Prairie Ridge by a flood, Jesse and Trinity's feelings soon run as high and wild as the river. When Jesse is accused of murder, Trinity stands by his side, and they take on the town's tyrannical leader. As the city cowers in fear, help comes from an unexpected source, but can it save Jesse from a hangman's noose?

Enter contest here: 

Monday, April 10, 2023

Colorado Tartan Day fun. 2023


    National Tartan Day was created to celebrate Scottish history and the achievements of people of Scottish descent around the world. 


      The Declaration o' Aiberbrothock: A letter, dated 6 April 1320 was signed at Arbroath, written by Scottish barons and addressed to Pope John XXII. 

   Steeped in turmoil and political intrigue the declaration was part of a broader campaign for independence from England's Norman kings and a plea to lift the excommunication of Robert The Bruce.


   Every April, at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, in Longmont Colorado celebrates Tartan Day. This year the weather could not have been better, warm with NO WIND (which played havoc with the tents last year). 

  The reenactors were so friendly and very knowledgeable regarding the various clans and displays. 

The armaments' were wonderful to look at up close, and there was also a weaving and spinning demonstration  


I saw a faery, but she scurried away, look at her beautiful wings. 

Had a delightful time, and the piper gave us a tune as we bid farewell to another fun experience at 
Tartan Day.  


Thursday, March 23, 2023

5 Stars for Trickster by Darlene Fredette


     Trickster is included in the Mortar & Pestle series which is penned by various authors. However the story is set in Redford Falls so fans of that series will enjoy this fun read as well. There is a delightful touch of myth and magic and the Redford Falls rabbit also makes an appearance.
   This well thought-out story has believable and relatable characters and the pacing keeps the story moving. The relationship between Jade and Eric is a beautiful reminder of all those exciting feelings that are so special and unique when meeting and being with someone for the first time. 
  As with all of Darlene Fredette's books, I enjoyed this one and recommend Trickster and all her books for a satisfying read that will leave you smiling. 

                       Available here...
    Working for a top modeling agency is Jade Parsons’s dream job, until her boss suffers a heart attack, and his son temporarily fills his position. Eric’s push-pull approach fuels her frustration. While anticipating the troublemaker’s imminent departure, Jade’s destiny is revealed through a magical mortar and pestle, leaving her heart tormented by whispers of a different fate. 

  World-renowned photographer Eric Martini returns home to restore his relationship with his estranged father, but wounds from the past haunt him. Enchanted by his father’s feisty assistant, he masks his heart and refuses to give into desire. Convinced his destined future is already written in the stars—and doesn’t include Jade, Eric’s only choice is to walk away.
   Will Jade and Eric find the courage to trust the mythical and smoky signs before their paths are severed forever?
#contemporaryromance #romancemagic

    Darlene resides on the Atlantic Coast of Canada where the summers are too short, and the winters are too long. Retired from a career as Director of Administration and Marketing, she now has eleven published contemporary romance books and is an artist at heart. When she isn’t researching her next book or having a pencil, paintbrush, or a cup of hot chocolate in her hand, she’s with her husband, daughter, and one-hundred-pound yellow Labrador.
               Trickster  Available here...

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Break Heart Canyon 5 Stars from Literary Titan.


 Una MacLaren is a fiercely independent woman and widow. When her beloved husband suffers an accident in Break Heart Canyon, she concludes her life is just another story to add to the depressing legacy of the canyon. Preferring the company of her goats and her dog MacTavish she works her farm and keeps to herself for the most part. That is, until a relic hunter appears uninvited and unwanted on her property. Ryker is unlike the other bone hunters who try to pilfer the spirit cave on her property. Slowly the two of them work their way into each other’s lives, with a bit of help from Whiskey Jim, the mysterious wonder that seems to know everything that goes on in this town.

   Break Heart Canyon by Gini Rifkin is more than a western romance novel. It is the story of Native American legends, Scottish heritage, and self-discovery. Ryker is the loner, never staying anywhere long, just long enough to get the job done and get paid. But, it is in the canyon and after meeting Una, he starts to realize there is more to life and adventure can come in many forms. Una learns that she doesn’t always have to be strong and it is ok to love more than once in a lifetime. Together they find the missing pieces of themselves and help solve a long-standing mystery that has plagued the town.

   Rifkin’s writing style pulls the reader in, giving them rich characters that, in order to get to know the real person, you have to keep reading. Even the minor characters are well-developed and are used to show added depth and personality to the protagonists. Intertwined in the story is the mystery surrounding the cave and the events that have happened in the canyon. The mystery plays out well and leaves some wonderful surprises for the reader to discover.

   Break Heart Canyon is a captivating historical romance filled with legend and lore that will have readers unable to put the book down. Each chapter gives the reader something new to think about, leading them deeper into a world they were not expecting. This is the perfect read for those that want romance with their adventure.

Available here e-book or paperback

Monday, March 13, 2023

Is there romance after marriage?

 Would you read an adventurous medieval romance where the hero and heroine are already married when the story opens? 

 Do we not have romance after marriage? There are still twists and turns in relationships, and those wonderful pesky outside influences which can temporarily separate the couple. Married life can be humorous as well as familiar.  

What is more exciting than standing by your man to save the castle and family? Married or not, fearing for one's life and fighting against the odds, still makes one hope for those Happily Ever After moments. 

Would love to hear from readers regarding this idea of an adventurous Married Medieval Romance. 

 Is there a place for married couple romance,      regardless of time period. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Best secondary character!

                     Whiskey Jim, in Break Heart Canyon, 
                     wins best supporting actor! 

Whiskey Jim is one of my favorite secondary character. He helps the heroine Una, and also tries to keep peace in the canyon. While he fights to preserve the artifacts for which the hero is searching, it seems Whiskey Jim has secrets of his own. 

Available here


Unearthing artifacts in Colorado sounded like easy money to Ryker Landry. Then he met the woman who owned the land. 

Una MacLaren vows no fortune hunter will desecrate the ancient relics of BreakHeart Canyon—even if the man is a handsome scoundrel. Fighting to keep her goat farm afloat as local cattlemen hatch deadly schemes to make sure she fails, she has enough to worry about. 

Captivated by the courageous redhead, Ryker joins forces with Una and her Deerhound, MacTavish. But what does he desire most, the woman or the artifacts? 

When the mythical white cougar again prowls the rocky cliffs, the legend of BreakHeart Canyon draws them into a web of danger. Now only daring and blind trust can save them.