Monday, November 28, 2022

Baby lamb, so cute.

 Had the fun experience of feeding a 2 week old lamb, named Mikey. Rescued by my friend, Carol, who has a heart as big as the Great Outdoors. Lucky little fellow landed in the right place. He'll have a good life now. 

In my new release Break Heart Canyon
my Scottish heroine raises Angora Goats!

Happy Holidays 

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Five stars for The Reprise of Rooster Rockstar by Betty LaVelle


The Reprise of Rooster Rockstar   

   Betty Lavelle’s new book, The Reprise of Rooster Rockstar, reaches out and captures the world around us in stunning prose and glorious photographs and artwork. Every emotion is given a nod, from the joy of rare everlasting love, to the deepest heartfelt sorrow of great loss. The selections of unique and relevant photos and paintings accompanying the poetry are spot on, and many are of her own creation as her talent carries over from pen to brush. Her poems move smoothly from thought provoking, to memory inducing, to comforting and a sense of joy.  

A true master of this genre of literature, Betty Lavelle has the beautiful ability to says so much with so few words.

 The Reprise of Rooster Rockstar  


                         Also available by Betty LaVelle


The Demise of Rooster Rockstar: Selected Poetry, Photography, and Art

A spirited collection of poetry, photography, and artwork that chronicles the author's deeply-felt reflections on the themes of life, love, togetherness, and loss. Sometimes enigmatic, often humorous, the eclectic offerings in this little book are filled with generosity, warmth, humanity... and hard-won resilience. Encounters with beauty and tragedy, visits to foreign homelands, musings on the virtues of popcorn, even a eulogy to a noble cockerel are stitched together into a truly unique quilt-work of appreciation: sometimes it is the hidden joy within, and not the rooster, that causes the sun to rise! Featuring poems, photographs, and artwork by Betty LaVelle, poems by James LaVelle, and photographs by Katarina Orel. 

Butterflies, Scarabs, and Secrets 

Butterflies, Scarabs and Secrets tells the almost mythical story of Clayton Dougherty, a talented young traveler who interpreted the world's otherness—the bombardment of the strange we so often take for granted—in hidden works of art. With intrigue, humor and a new assignment of meanings, Dougherty quietly built a world that he could understand. At his death, his mother discovered her beloved son's artistic accomplishments tucked in the pages of his 2,000 books. Journey with him, through his mother's eyes, in this biography of a secret artist. Through drawings, collages and art boxes—lovingly gathered—experience the marvelous mysterious works of Clayton Blair Dougherty.

Betty LaVelle is a photographer, poet, and the author of "Butterflies, Scarabs and Secrets," an autobiography of Clayton Blair Dougherty and his artwork. This book was chosen to become a reference book as part of The Western History Collection at the Denver Public Library. The collection is recognized as one of the most significant of Western Americana in the country and reflects all phases of development of the trans-Mississippi West. Betty is also the author of "The Demise of Rooster Rockstar," a spirited collection of her poetry, art, and photography. She is presently working on a new book, "Don’t Tell Mary."

Friday, November 11, 2022

Handweavers Guild of Boulder Fiber Art Show and Sale

   Spent a wonderful day with my sister which included a visit to a spectacular exhibit of woven, felted, crocheted, knitted, and knotted items. There was also beadwork, handmade paper, and tatting all done beautifully, creatively and inventively. 
   The folks available for information or questions were so interesting and well versed and such a pleasure to meet.  
 Here are a few of the excellent items on exhibit and for sale. 

                                      HATS! one of my favorite things....
                 And mittens and shoes/slippers....
                                    all made with a felting technique.

There was a weaving demo on one of the more complicated looms
 that utilizes several harnesses. 
          The following pictures were also made with felt, 
                                     they were beautiful. 

And just when you thought felting couldn't get more complicated and amazing these figurines are also made with felt. 

     I was really attracted to this idea 
                                of embroidery on felt, so cute.
                              Will definitely have to try this. 
There were rows and rows of shawls and tea towels, my photo's of those did not come out :(  
Can only imagine the time and effort needed to make
 these items and set up the displays. 

 Thank you Handweavers Guild of Boulder.

Then we had hot fudge sundaes, 
who could ask for more!


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

You'll be Thankful that you entered

                                           at N.N. Light's
            November Book and Prize Giveaway. 

 Enter Contest Here

Over 30 prizes and books, you could win a copy of my award winning historical western romance.....UNDERCOVER OUTLAW. 

  Jesse is determined to track down the man who killed his brother in cold blood. Impersonating an outlaw, his quest for justice becomes a living, breathing, part of his soul.

  Trinity is heading to Denver to escape her vicious guardians. When her stagecoach is robbed, Jesse kidnaps her, and all her well-laid plans collide with his, leaving them both in danger.

   Trapped in Prairie Ridge by a flood, Jesse and Trinity's feelings soon run as high and wild as the river. When Jesse is accused of murder, Trinity stands by his side, and they take on the town's tyrannical leader. As the city cowers in fear, help comes from an unexpected source, but can it save Jesse from a hangman's noose?                                         


                 Enter Contest Here

                                       Good Luck

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Spooky fun at the October book giveaway


                October is here, N.N. Light's 
           book and gift  card giveaway has begun. 

                                       enter contest here

 You could win an E-copy of Trapper's Moon
                perfect for an Autumnal read.

    As a free trapper, mountain man Kade McCauley is wary of the Hudson Bay Company. Their form of vengeance against those who are not part of the company can be deadly. When he and his partner are attacked, he fights back, only to discover one of his shots struck an innocent. A woman who touches his soul, and he will do anything to keep her safe.

    While searching for her Native American tribe, Blind Deer crosses paths with Kade—with near fatal results. Once she is patched up, she decides it is safer to travel with him than alone Their uneasy alliance turns to genuine caring, but Blind Deer's past gets in the way, and she must choose between love or old obligations.

    But nothing in life is carved in stone except the mountains, and those formidable peaks have been known to change the course of a man's life or a woman's.

                                      enter contest here

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Release day for Break Heart Canyon by Gini Rifkin.

                      Celebrating the release of book 15! 


  Unearthing artifacts in Colorado sounded like easy money to Ryker Landry. Then he met the woman who owned the land. 

   Una MacLaren vows no fortune hunter will desecrate the ancient relics of Break Heart Canyon—even if the man is a handsome scoundrel. Fighting to keep her goat farm afloat as local cattlemen hatch deadly schemes to make sure she fails, she has enough to worry about. 

  Captivated by the courageous redhead, Ryker joins forces with Una and her deerhound, MacTavish. But what does he desire most, the woman or the artifacts? 

  When the mythical white cougar again prowls the rocky cliffs, the legend of Break Heart Canyon draws them into a web of danger. Now only daring and blind trust can save them. 

I had so much fun writing Break Heart Canyon. And while I don't have a deerhound, I do have two loveable donkeys and three mischievous goats. 

 Break Heart Canyon  Available here

Will the power of a rare ancient breastplate bring peace and love back to Break Heart Canyon? Will Una’s courage be a match for the legend? Will Ryker stand by her side? #HistoricalRomance #historicalwestern #mythlegend

In 1877 Colorado, dinosaur bones were discovered, and the Bone Wars began. Artifact hunters from back East are willing to fight to the death for the perfect specimen. #Romance #historicalwestern #lovabledonkeys



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5 Stars for Derailed Hearts


   I don’t often read contemporary romance, but when I do, I always know a story by Darlene Fredette will be well written, carefully plotted, and heartwarming.  
   Although each story in the Redford Falls series stands along, Derailed Hearts offers just enough back story to set the scene for new readers while bringing a smile of reminiscence to fans of the series. (The interaction between the residence has been fun to follow).
   After Ethan Marley’s wife dies in a car accident, his life becomes focused on Avery, his sweet little daughter who was also in the accident and now finds verbal communication a challenge. 
    While on a train ride winding through the gorgeous Canada territory, Ethan and Avery meet a young woman, Jenn, who is a fashion designer. Ethan and Jenn feel an unexpected connection which neither was seeking or wants.  
     Having also suffered a major car accident, Jenn can empathize with the fear, anger, and nightmares Avery has been experiencing. Jenn, has issues of her own as she battles to regain strength in her injured hand which is inhibiting her designing abilities.  
     While traveling, Ethan and Jenn are thrown together by mishap and an act of kindness. Sharing a small compartment leads to innocent romantic interaction, but the attraction between them grows stronger as the train speeds ever onward. When they reach their destination, will it be an ending or a new beginning?
   Although not a lengthy read, Darlene was able to fully develop these three very likable characters along with the setting which is different and interesting as most of the story takes place on the train. There are also surprises instore as you cheer for all three to reach that happy ending. 

Looking forward to the next Redford Falls book, and hoping Max will have his own story soon. Love me a cowboy! 

Single father and ER doctor, Ethan Marley, is ready to put down roots. He and his daughter embark on a train adventure across Canada from west to east coast. Boarding the train, he meets a woman who steals his breath, and he learns that she too is headed to Redford Falls. He is intent on maintaining a friendship only, but Jenn makes his heart race faster than the train.

Fashion designer, Jenn Martini, travels by train to Redford Falls to visit her father. Her plan for a solitude escape derails after meeting Ethan and his daughter. Sharing a confined-spaced cabin sparks an immediate attraction, and by the end of the trip, she longs to be a part of their family. Only as she opens her heart to love, do the scars from her past begin to heal.

With more in common than relatives in Redford Falls, is their love strong enough to overcome the truth behind the accident…and save their future?

#contemporaryromance #singlefatherromance #TheWildRosePress