Monday, April 18, 2022

Goat notes and Donkey Tales #3 Donkey fun facts.

From the facebook post of 
Fox Run Equine Center

 15 fun facts about donkeys:

1. A donkey is stronger than a horse of the same size.
2. Donkeys can see all four of their feet at the same time.
3. Donkeys can vary hugely in size, from 26 inches to 68 inches tall
4. A donkey's bray can carry up to 60 miles in the desert.
5. Donkeys have incredibly efficient digestive systems, utilizing 95% of what they eat.

6. Donkeys do not like being in the rain for long periods as their hair is not waterproof.

7. Donkeys have been used as working animals for at least 5,000 years and they are still a lifeline to families in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America
8. Healthy donkeys can live well into their 50s
9. A blind donkey will often bond with a seeing donkey who will act as their guide
10. Donkeys can be a calming influence on other animals.
11. Donkeys are very clever with a keen sense of curiosity.
Watching the gat go in.
12. Donkeys are not stubborn but can be reluctant to do anything that might be unsafe - they consider situations before deciding what to do
13. Donkeys are extremely nimble and can cross tricky terrain

14. Donkeys are very sociable and form strong bonds - you will often see pairs of best friends within a herd
15. Donkeys are different to horses in their physiology, communication, thinking and behavior - they do their best with other donkeys as companions.
My donkeys, Rosie and Jack, are from the Long Hopes Donkey Shelter in Bennett, Colorado. M

Monday, April 11, 2022

Tartan Day 2022

 Quite a blustery day, 
                  perfect for seeing men in kilts! 

And spending time out of doors with my sister.
Tartan Day is a North American celebration of Scottish heritage on 6 April, the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320, the Scottish Declaration of Independence. It also recognizes achievements of Americans of Scottish descent.

There was myth..... 
And music.....
and monsters!
Lots of cool weaponry to look at and wish for. 

        I especially enjoyed the weaving tent. 
   Here is a four harness floor loom, the tartan being made was amazingly complicated. I'm still making tea towels and scarves on my rigid heddle loom!  

we were about to see the spinners at work, but their tent started blowing away! 

The most interesting and authentically dressed person I met was this gentleman. He said he'd been doing reenacting for 30 years. Wish we'd had more time to chat. 

Remember to always Persevere. 
Looking forward to the next Tartan Day. 

Friday, April 1, 2022

Giveaway over 30 prizes, Happy Spring.


N.N. Light Book Heaven has done it again.
Over 30 prizes including an E-book copy of 
Bliss: Fae Warriors Book 2 

Bliss: Fae Warriors Book 2
A prize winning trilogy
 where each book stands alone for 
a fun and adventurous romance.
Fae Warrior, Bliss Goodeve, fires up her empath skills to help Mother Nature battle the Reptiles invading Earth. But when it comes to her new human partner, Nathaniel Winston Calhoun, Bliss would rather make love than wage war. A man of mystery, he even makes horn-rimmed glasses and a white lab coat sexy. 

    Nate admits to being a brainiac, at least that’s the persona he shows the outside world. If his boss discovered his checkered past, life could get complicated. The bad boy in Nate wants Bliss in the worst way. The scientist in him calculates high odds of being left brokenhearted.    

   After one Reptile goes rogue, it’s up to Bliss, Nate, and an alien critter named Noodge to bring him down. But time is running out, and things are heating up—especially romantically. Bliss is all for living in the moment. But will that be enough for either one of them? 

Noodge, Bliss' Rapran other-worldly partner. 
He can smell a reptile a mile away. 
Then he looks like this. 

N.N. Light review: Exciting, superbly written, an edge of the seat thriller with many times you can pump your fist and cheer. Just a fantastic book.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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