Sunday, April 21, 2013


 The beginning of the week looked a bit bleak for hosting a Springtime tea.



    Then the sun came out, and the snow melted, and by Saturday spirits were high and the fun began at the Berthoud Historical Society 1st ever Victorian Springtime Tea.
The food was fabulous, with three types of sandwiches--cucumber, chicken, and egg salad, plus an array of cookies including a yummy wedge of death by chocolate. 
 We served 20 lovely ladies, and one very brave man!
             My sister Kathy,
     and our friend Kathy
                 were in attendance.
           I also promoted my latest book,
                   VICTORIAN DREAM
                          (That's some bad hat, Harry.)
I sold several copies, and my thanks
to all who purchased a book.
       It was a very successful day all around, and despited the "tea emergency" John, Jan, Virginia, and I, (the Fearless Four) had great fun.