Thursday, June 18, 2020

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                             A Cowboy's Fate                                                      Available now in Audio                       
                      Narrated by Richard L. Walton               

Colorado 1888      
    Kicked out of England for offending the Royal Family, Britania Rule heads for Leadville, in the Colorado backcountry. Passing herself off as a highborn lady, she pursues her dream of opening a parlor of spiritual enlightenment. 
     Cody James, her guide, thinks he must be half-crazy to hire-out to a female. But his luck at the gaming tables has run dry, and she’s his meal-ticket out of town. Betrayed by the only woman he ever loved, and shot and left for dead by a man he once called friend, Cody declares himself a loner. 
   Traveling side by side, they deny their desire for one another, but the Tarot cards say otherwise—and their hot night of passion confirms the prediction. Will love be waiting at the end of the trail? Or could Cody’s past destroy their future? 
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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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                    Narrated by Richard L. Walton

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Win $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Win $50 Amazon (US) or Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Win $25 Amazon (US) or Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Win $15 Amazon (US) or Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Win $10 Amazon (US) or Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Special Delivery: Love Letters

Clover City, Colorado—1888
A mysterious letter and the drop-dead handsome town marshal, are the last things Mariah expects to find making rounds as a midwife. 

Mariah McAllister plans to be married before her next birthday. Too bad Marshal Virgil Kincaid barely knows she’s alive. Not one to give up easily, she’s determined to show him she has an abiding passion for more than her work.

Virgil Kincaid loved a woman once—after she broke his heart, he spent three years in prison. Women can’t be trusted, no matter how good they look. He’s sworn off relationships in favor of Saturday night poker games. Life is simple—the way he wants it…until a stranger turns up dead in the road. 

Forced to work side by side with Mariah, Virgil begins to wonder if she might be his second chance at love. As they trade kisses and oh so much more, he’s willing to take the gamble. But when a killer threatens their once peaceful town, all bets are off.  

Sunday, June 7, 2020

History of Worcestershire sauce

In your next western, could you write that your cowboy hero sat down to a steak dinner and requested Worcestershire sauce?  
       You sure could, if your story is set in 1839 or later. 
                          Wonderful 1890s Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Bottle with Top ...
Originally invented and produced in Worcester, England in the early 1800's, John Duncan, a New York businessman imported the savory sauce in 1839. 
   And what about that paper wrapper? Shipped by boat, the covering helped protect the glass bottles during the voyage. 

         Created by accident, here are the ingredients: 
                     Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce The Original

           Visit here for the complete story 


   Too bad my hero in Trapper's Moon couldn't take a bottle to the frontier during the fur trade era. Bet it would have been great on buffalo hump roast. 

 Still an award winning read, with or without sauce!

  As a free trapper, mountain man Kade McCauley is wary of the Hudson Bay Company. Their form of vengeance against those who are not part of the company can be deadly. 
   When he and his partner are attacked, he fights back, only to discover one of his shots struck an innocent. A woman who touches his soul, and he will do anything to keep her safe. 
   While searching for her Native American tribe, Blind Deer crosses paths with Kade—with near fatal results. Once she is patched up, she decides it is safer to travel with him than alone.
    Their uneasy alliance turns to genuine caring, but Blind Deer's past gets in the way, and she must choose between love or old obligations. 
   But nothing in life is carved in stone except the mountains, and those formidable peaks have been known to change the course of a man's life—or a woman's.