Monday, September 25, 2017

If the Fae Warrior Trilogy became a graphic novel

   Don't we all dream of our stories becoming movies? We even know which actor and actress we would cast as the hero and heroine. We'd be thrilled to see our characters jump off the page into another medium.

  Or how about a graphic novel,
 or a Marvel comic? 
      For my Fae Warriors books, 
       the cast of characters, might look like this.

                      The Fae Warrior sisters: 

Solace, holds sway over Air,
spirit of the East

Bliss, an empath, 
with the ability 
to compel.                


Portence, controls fire, 
spirit of the South.


The Heroes...  

Tanner Jackson, Ex-Army Ranger, Solace's partner, 
fearless in the face of 
the enemy---human or Reptile.

Nate Calhoun, cowboy/scientist. Bliss' partner and the inventor of the laser shotgun.  


 Malachi, Fae/sorcerer and Port's partner. 
  Defender of "white" magic, he has a score to settle with Thurax.


 Noodge, a Rapran (short for Rapacious Ranivorous) the Fae's faithful companion. He faces down gnarly Reptiles without hesitation.

  Mother Nature, a tough love parent, overseeing all as she fights to save her favorite planet, Earth. 

                                 The Villains...

The Reptiles, alien creatures, primitive yet cleaver, with opposing thumbs, a penchant for weaponry, and a love for fighting. 


   Thurax, an otherworldly mercenary warrior, bred for fighting, and out for revenge as he seeks to lead  the Reptiles to victory.


  Xandora, obsessed with taking over planet Earth. 
She's as insane as she is beautiful.


  Hephaestus, god of fire and crafts, son of Zeus and henchman  to Xandora. 

   Gorlock, would-be wizard, turned to the dark arts, resentful, and at odds with Malachi.


 I'm still waiting for Marvel comics to calls 😻, but you can read the Fae Warriors Trilogy in its original form, paperback or e-book. Join the adventure.

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Bliss available at...

Portence available at...
AMAZON Barnes & Noble   Wild Rose Press              
                         Until then Dream On....

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Portence: Fae Warriors Book 3 Release Day!

The Third Sister. The Grand Finale.

 In the final battle to save the Earth, Fae Warrior, Portence Goodeve stands ready to serve Mother Nature. But as she fights for the future of the planet, she’s haunted by her past. One near-death experience and a betrayal that goes deep become weapons that could get her killed.
    Malachi, a cross/breed, half-sorcerer and half-Fae, is back to help fight the Reptile invaders. Once upon a time, his sexy Fae-half stole Portence's heart, breath, and good sense. Then he abandoned her—what if it happens again? Should she surrender to desire, giving both Malachi and love another chance? Or seek retribution and be done with him forever?

   Portence and her sisters, as well as their Earth partners, are in a fight for their lives. When Malachi's magic is stolen and his life is in danger, will she discover the path to her future is bound by both love and duty?
Join the adventure, 
                 where fantasy meets romance---
                           and catches fire. 

                 All 3 are E-book or Paperback.

Solace available at...

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Portence available at...

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Where in the world did you get that idea? $.99 SALE

 While admiring my Nene Thomas statue, Fortitude, the words Fae Warriors kept running through my mind. It had such a noble, enchanting ring to it. Wouldn’t that be a great title for a book—no a trilogy.                  The Fae Warriors Trilogy. 

     Then the what if’s and how about’s began. 

  The warriors would be female. How about sisters, better yet triplets, one for each book. They would be identical accept for the color of their hair, their weapon of choice, and what stirred their passions.   Maybe they were separated in their teen years for a prank they pulled on Mother Nature. Now they’re all grown up, reunited, and part of Mother’s elite forces. 

  Living together, fighting sided by side, and getting reacquainted could lead to all kinds of danger and fun. Of course each book must have a hero to watch the heroine’s back, and maybe warm her bed. Why not partner them up with Humans, or Humes as the Fae refer to them. Add a wonderful companion creature named Noodge, and we we’re on our way.

Get your copy of Solace and Bliss only $.99 cents. 

  See what other characters and surprises await the 

Fae Warriors, be part of the adventure to save Earth from planetary takeover.

Solace available at...

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          Portence coming September 20th!

Friday, September 1, 2017

$.99 Sale for Fae Warrior Trilogy 1&2

    Three times the fun of Wonder Woman. 
           Meet Solace, Bliss and Portence
          They play, as hard as they fight. 
Six foot tall and drop-dead gorgeous, the Fae Warrior sisters are part of Mother Nature's elite forces. Along with their partners, they're here to save the Earth from a planetary take-over.  

Invading forces include deadly Reptiles (called Reps), a mad scientist, an otherworldly mercenary, and a spoiled brat of a goddess bent on revenge.

Noodge, the Fae's companion, is a Rapran, 
(short for Rapacious Ranavorous). 
He not only chases cars, he catches them. 

               But it's not all work and no play.
  Love cast a spell over each sister, and Fate granted them a counterpart to match their intelligence, skills, and passion

You'll meet an Ex-Army Ranger, a Braniac Cowboy,
and a Golden-eyed 
Fae/sorcerer crossbreed. 
Join the adventure for only $.99 each. 

Solace available at...

Bliss available at...

              Portence coming in September!


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