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Berhoud Colorado Ice Sculpture 2020

Despite the warm temps the Berthoud Ice Sculpting contest took place this past week. Humor abounded along with architectural wonders. Here are the amazing results! My photos do not do them justice. It was a nice little afternoon entertainment, spent with my sister and brother-in-law all wearing out holiday masks. 

 Dung beetles moving a ball labeled 2020. LOL 2nd place winner.
     Incredible work making such a perfect sphere. 

Grandma got run over by a reindeer!
Third place winner. 

Very nice architectural achievement here. 

 Baby Yoda
This one made everybody laugh!

Santa in jail: 1st place winner!

A bit of a weary warrior. had to love him though, 
some of his great detail melted. 

Love the expression on this sweet face.

A Christmas dwarf with a big hat and an even bigger beard. 

An amazing show of talent. Thank you to all who made it happen.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Solace Fae Warrior book 1 Finalist in NN Light 2020 contest.


Thank you N N Light for selecting Solace and Undercover Outlaw as finalist for book of the year

Solace: A contemporary sci/fi fantasy of romance and adventure.

Will one of Mother Nature’s favorite Fae Warrior
                     Win the battle, but lose her heart? 
              Solace and Tanner are fighting for their lives
                   as Reptile invaders threaten to take over Earth.
                              Solace: The Fae Warriors Trilogy book 1

Solace: Fae Warriors book 1
  There must be some mistake. The man striding toward her couldn’t be Tanner Jackson. Dressed in a black t-shirt, camo cargo pants, and rugged lace up boots, he looked ready for a special ops mission, not a day of wrestling with figures and scientific data. Tall and well-muscled, he appeared rock solid, like he belonged in the age of Athena. In fact, he seemed so overwhelmingly masculine, she worried he might not be human. That gave her pause. Had the Reps already established a man on the inside?  
    Other than Reps, she had nothing against alternate species, including humans. She just liked to know for sure with whom or what she was dealing. Double standard of course, as she had no intentions of letting this man know her Fae status.
  His dark brown hair, curiously well beyond regulation length, curled past the nape of his neck, and even darker brown eyes studied her as he drew near. He halted before her, his arms crossed over his broad chest, his stance slightly spread to give maximum stability.  Without a word, he reached for the I.D. dangling from the strap around her neck.
  “I had hoped for a tour of the facility,” she said, snatching the card from his hand.
   His commanding presence made her feel out of control, not an acceptable condition unless she happened to be in his bed. Oh for crying Cassiopeia, this was not the time for randy thoughts and daydreams. Right now she needed her wits about her. She clamped her lips together and returned his unyielding stare, all the while wondering what secrets he knew as she fought the urge to become lost in the dark depths of his eyes.
   “I’m afraid your request is out of the question,” he said, snapping her back to reality. “We’re on level six lockdown. Any higher and our interview would have been cancelled, a true shame as I would have been very sorry to disappoint you.”
   She doubted he could disappoint a woman in any capacity. “Why the high security?” she asked, following as he turned and headed for the door he’d come through. “Let’s start the interview with that question.”
   He gave a little snort of amusement and escorted her to a comfortable room housing a table, plush chairs, a small fridge and a coffee machine. Not waiting for her, he took to a chair and scrubbed a hand across his face. Only now did she notice the shadowy smudges beneath his eyes. He looked like he needed a good night’s sleep. Again her mind strayed to a vivid image of him in bed. It hadn’t taken long for her to disregard her vow to swear-off Earth men. Cursing her racing hormones, she took the chair across from him and pulled out her hand-held to record their conversation.
    “No taping,” he said.
    “Some areas have voice activated security checkpoints.”
    With a huff she reached for the recording device intending click it on as she shoved it back inside her purse. He grabbed her wrist and stopped her cold then calmly relieved her of the little contraption, removed the back panel, and flipped out the rechargeable battery. With a knowing look, he deposited the pieces back into her hand.
    Calling up her best expression of sarcastic disdain, she dumped everything inside her purse and dug around for a pen and paper. The back of her grocery list would have to do.
    He still hadn’t answered her first question, but by now she couldn’t remember what it had been so she tried another. “Maybe you could tell me more of what you do here.” She had a basic idea but was curious to see what he would reveal.
    “How about some coffee?” he asked, rising and heading toward the coffee maker. Again he avoided answering her question. This was going to be a fascinating interview.   
    “I’d prefer tea,” she said, just to be obstinate.
     Not missing a beat, he accommodated the request. For a big man he moved easily, just short of graceful, as he went about the mundane chore. How could he stand to work in an office capacity, cruelly forcing his gorgeous body to sit in a chair behind a computer day after day? He looked like he should be on the frontlines saving the world from the disaster she feared they were heading for.
   “Straight up or fancy?” he asked.
   “Straight up is fine.” It didn’t really matter as she hated tea and had no intentions of drinking it.
    He set the cup before her along with a little plate of cookies. How sweet, now she felt guilty about requesting the tea. After resuming his seat, tasting his coffee, and eating a cookie in two bites, he stared at her like a hopeful child waiting for her to do the same. Left with little choice, she took a nibble of cookie and braved a sip of tea.

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Undercover Outlaw Finalist in NN Light 2020 contest.


Thank you N N Light for selecting Undercover Outlaw as a finalist for book of the year!

Undercover Outlaw: 
Romance and adventure in the Old West. 
                    How far would you go to find your brother's killer? 
                              Jesse's ready to sacrifice everything.  
                   Would you throw caution to the wind,
                         and follow your heart for a man you just met?
                                Trinity is about to do just that.

Undercover Outlaw
  Trinity spun around to face Jesse head-on. “What are you doing here?” 
“I live here, remember. What are you doing here? I told you to stay away from this place.”
  “I’m attending a birthday party.” Her surprise at seeing Jesse quickly turned to desire, warm as liquid sunshine. 
     He glanced around the empty room. “Are we early or late?” 
     “I don’t know.”
     “I think perhaps we’re both right on time, and Mary June planned this whole surprise.”
      Whether they’d been tricked or not, Trinity longed for Jesse to say all that really mattered was they were together. But he didn’t. He just kept staring at her while silence hung in the air, heavy as the fragrance of honeysuckle on a hot summer night.
       Jesse narrowed his gaze, his expression turning dark. “What the heck are you wearing?” His voice, hard as flint, cut to the quick. “I don’t need any new girls on the payroll.”
       Her cheeks grew hot. How could she have forgotten her attire? 
Recalling what her friends said about first time love and not letting the moment pass into a lifetime of regret, she ignored his harsh words.  
    “You don’t like my costume?”
     His gaze jumped to her face. There was fire in his eyes, but not anger. Now he studied her deliciously slow, his gaze almost a physical touch. “I never said I didn’t like it.” 
      “I could take it off if you prefer.” She toyed with the ribbon tied at her waist.
      A ragged, guttural noise was his only response before he found his voice. “What I want isn’t important.” Even now his voice wavered. “Where’s Mary June?”
      The question took her off guard, and hot jealousy bolted through her. How could he think of another woman when she stood before him so invitingly—with an almost hand-written invitation to do more than just look?
      “Mary June? Why?”
      “I need to speak with her.”
       Hurt by his rejection, she headed for the door. “Have a seat. I’ll find her for you.” Stalking past, she floundered on the high heeled boots, and bit back a curse.
       Jesse reached to steady her, his fingers wrapping around her arm, holding fast. “You sound jealous.” He drew her close, turning her in the circle of his arms. Could he see the hurt in her eyes?
       “You are jealous. Aw, hellfire, Trinity.” He sounded as if he’d finally given himself over to some unseen force. 
       She struggled against him. “I thought you wanted Mary June.”
      “What I really want,” he whispered, “is you—only you.”

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Monday, November 30, 2020

A Recipe for Forever A Redford Falls story Book 4


 She has one last hope – a small, family-run bakery that might just be baking up second chances. 

Dwindling finances has Jess Robinson running out of options. With a past filled with failures, she longs for a new beginning. Applying for a job she isn’t qualified for may be another crazy mistake, but at this point Jess has nothing to lose. 

Juggling two jobs, Travis Cooper has absolutely no time for a relationship and isn’t looking for one. But when his mother hires an unqualified baker, he has more to worry about than three-tiered wedding cakes and fighting fires. Will he break his own no-dating-employees rule and make a little room in his life for love?


Silky hair caressed his cheek. Wildflowers teased his nostrils. Warmth invaded his body. He resisted the urge to pull her closer. What have I done? He straightened, forcing temptation aside. He clasped his hands on her tiny waist and stepped backward.

Pink staining her cheeks, she glanced downward and smoothed the front of her skirt with a shaky hand. “You won’t regret hiring me.”

He cleared his throat, swallowing the anxiety her words caused. “When can you—”

“Tomorrow!” Jess pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “Sorry.”

“Okay.” Travis caught his mother’s grin. “Mom will give you the paperwork. She’s also in charge of training. You two work out the details.” He waved a hand toward the door. “Now, get out of my kitchen. I have a baby shower cake to make.”

He watched Jess follow Mom out of the room. The sway of Jess’ hips spiked his blood pressure. I’m doomed. Travis reached for a mixing bowl, hoping to lose himself in a world of desserts. He had to calm his racing heart and forget the sweetness he just hired.





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My thoughts: 

Spring has sprung in Redford Falls. This story centers around the local bakery, so beware, it may send you heading off to the kitchen for something sweet. Travis, the hero of the story, is not only a hunky fireman, but a guy who will bake his way into your heart. 

The heroine, Jess, has a few family issues that have left her searching for her own self-worth, and a clear path to her future. Working at the bakery helps her deal with both issues as she discovers she is more courageous than she thought.

This story also introduces Heather, Travis' mother, and Mr. Moretti, Jess' landlord. Heather has a caring nature and is not only a good listener, but has words of wisdom to share, and a very surprising connection to Mr. Moretti. Great secondary characters, both of which I enjoyed meeting. 

This is a satisfying addition to the Redford Falls series, although somehow I felt the story could have been longer. I'm always intrigued by the legendary rabbit. 

Favorite line: Travis lost focus. He couldn't think past Jess' smiling lips, with which he'd like to make a personal acquaintance. 

 Ask the Author: 

If money was no object and travel was safe, name three places you would like to visit. 

Australia, Switzerland, and Scotland.

Definitely an interesting itinerary. 

About Darlene Fredette

Darlene resides on the Atlantic Coast of Canada where the summers are too short and the winters are too long. An avid reader since childhood, Darlene loved to develop the many stories coming to life in her head. She writes contemporary romances with a focus on plot-driven page-turners. When not working on her next book, she can be found with her husband, her daughter, and her yellow Labrador. Darlene’s favourite pastime is taking summer day-trips to the Valley to soak in the small-town feel.



Monday, November 23, 2020

Make a Wish. The wishbone legend and tips on winning.


Remember waiting for the wishbone to dry out so you and someone else could make a wish and break it?  I sure do. The bone definitely wasn't lucky for the turkey, but down through the ages apparently several groups of people believed in the good fortune of the fragile bone. 

Apparently there are several different grips acceptable, as seen above. And the origin of the practice dates back more than 2000 years, to ancient Etruscans and Romans who attributed wish-giving powers to the dried wishbone of a chicken.

Fossil discoveries of recent decades have shown that some kinds of dinosaurs also had wishbones. In particular, those dinosaurs known as theropods: carnivorous dinosaurs that stood upright and walked — and ran — on two legs. ... This means the wishbone itself dates back more than 150 million years.

       Can you see the wishbone!    Photo from Great Parks of Hamilton County 

The tradition was apparently passed down through he ages from Romans to the ancestral English, who brought the ritual with them over to Plymouth Rock. With the abundance of wild turkeys the good luck superstition switched from chickens to turkeys. 

    Even today, the good luck legend lives on and jewelry resembling wishbones remains popular.  

Hints on winning. 
Be sure your hands are dry. Some people suggested spraying your hand with hairspray, (that sounds a bit like cheating!). Another tip, just grip your side and wait. letting your opponent do the work probably pulling up and out and breaking the bone on their side. 

Oh no—what if the bone splits up the center into equal pieces, or breaks into three pieces? According to the wishbone rules, both people's wishes will come true!
No matter who wins, remember to always play nice...  

             My hero, Jesse, in Undercover Outlaw, could have used a little more
 good luck when he was in jail, accused of murder. 

   Jesse is determined to track down the man who killed his brother in cold blood. Impersonating an outlaw, his quest for justice becomes a living, breathing, part of his soul.
    Trinity is heading to Denver to escape her vicious guardians. When her stagecoach is robbed, Jesse kidnaps her, and all her well-laid plans collide with his, leaving them both in danger.
    Trapped in Prairie Ridge by a flood, Jesse and Trinity's feelings soon run as high and wild as the river. When Jesse is accused of murder, Trinity stands by his side, and they take on the town's tyrannical leader. As the city cowers in fear, help comes from an unexpected source, but can it save Jesse from a hangman's noose?

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Take more than a Glimpse

 Two new offerings from the Glimpse Series by Stephen B. King

Glimpse, the Angel Shot 
 Glimpse, the Dinner Guest 
(a Friday the 13th short story.) 

Seven women have disappeared from bars only to be found murdered after asking for an Angel Shot. Detective Rick McCoy is handed the case after returning from leave following his wife's horrific ordeal at the hands of the serial killer, PPP. Criminal psychologist Patricia Holmes lost her husband to the same killer and when her current partner makes her life miserable she jumps at the chance to work with Rick again. When they determine a man currently jailed for the crimes could not have committed them the mystery deepens.

But that is the least of Rick's worries. An imaginary alter ego appears warning him his wife is suicidal. Will they be able to solve the riddle of the Angel Shot before another victim loses her life and save his wife from taking hers? 

Detective Sargent and clinical psychologist, Patricia Holmes, has been invited to a murder mystery dinner party at a small luxury hotel located in Western Australia. The dinner is a reunion party for the psychologists and psychiatrists who work at Perth’s largest mental hospital, which treats the criminally insane.

 But there is an uninvited guest--a former patient who is hungry for revenge. In fact, he is ravenous. He will stop at nothing until he murders the doctor who gave him painful, electroconvulsive therapy.

 Detective Sargent Holmes must stop a frenzied killer on a vicious spree—but can she save the other guests, or will she be the last one left alive?

Snippets for both books and some lowdown about the author, Stephen B. King, and his writing. 

Glimpse, the Angel Shot:
 “You have been busy, haven’t you? Thanks for interceding on my behalf. The thing is, I’ve been thinking of giving everything up and going back to lecturing. Besides, I won’t work with Pepperdick again, and apparently, all the other sergeants think I’m a liability and won’t partner with me.”               She took another drink and looked back out of the window, blinking rapidly. “Pat, you know as well as I do most cops are a superstitious lot. All you need is one more good investigation, one where you don’t get shot or stabbed, and there would be a long line of guys who would want you as their partner. Do you think if you had another chance, you could get through a whole case and not get wounded or slap your boss?” 
 She had been swallowing and choked as she laughed at his humor.  “Depending who my boss would be, I could try,” she offered when she recovered, then turned her serious gaze on Rick’s. 
 “Yep. So, show me what you’ve got. Let’s say Brandon is not our killer. Have you got enough to profile who is?” 
 Pat made a pantomime of patting her pockets and looking around her, including under her chair. “What are you doing, Pat?” he asked, though he suspected what her answer would be. 
 “Oh, I was just looking for my magic wand; I thought I left it lying around here somewhere.” 
 They both laughed for a moment, and Rick’s heart swelled. They fitted together so perfectly. He shrugged, forcing the feelings down, which he had been doing with Pat for a long time. 
 “I don’t have much, Rick, but here are some thoughts.” She paused, composing her ideas. “People generally think rape is about having sex, yet we know often it’s not. That is the result, yes, but the cause is more about control, or even to some extent, sadism. Sometimes the rapist cannot achieve orgasm, which makes him more violent, so, we can postulate sex may not be a motivating factor; cruelty is. So, that’s the first point to consider. Second, not only was Ingrid Stapleton brutalized, but then strangled. Strangulation is a very hard, upfront, and personal way of murdering someone. Sometimes we see it in a case of domestic violence, where the killer is angry with someone else to the point of losing control. So, we can draw from that the man was angry with Ingrid, but why? On the face of it, Brandon O’Toole fits that description, he was rejected by her, and that could cause uncontrollable rage, rage enough to strangle, yes, but, in that case, not rape, do you see what I mean?” 
 Rick nodded slowly. “Yes, I think I do. If we are assuming O’Toole didn’t take Ingrid, then maybe the killer watched her in the bar, perhaps witnessed Ingrid’s altercation with O’Toole, and tried to rescue her. Possibly, he comforted Ingrid after O’Toole left and because he fancied her that could explain the Rohypnol and subsequent sexual assault. But why kill her by strangulation?” 
 Her brown-eyed gaze bored into his. “Rick, I think we are looking for someone in part with severe issues of anger and hatred toward women, yet in another way, he has a natural desire for them too. He couldn’t let her go because she would identify him. This man could have some sort of dissociative disorder, or dare I say even possible multiple disorder syndrome, and if that’s the case....” 
 “He’s killed before, or after. Jesus, Pat, you’re saying this could be a serial killer who got away with murder?” 

Glimpse, the Dinner Guest
 Pat knocked on the door of number ten and hoped she had caught Ruth before she went downstairs to the bar. From inside, she heard a muffled woman’s voice.                             “Can you get that, Tony,”               The next moment, the door was yanked open, and a tall distinguished looking man wearing a tuxedo performed a double take when he saw her.                                                 “Jesus Christ, are you all right?” he said with concern in his voice, and Pat realized the effect her slashed and bloody top had on him.                       Pat gave a small laugh, which, when she glanced again at his face, grew louder, and threatened to become hysterical. “I'm fine, thank you. Dress scary, the invite said, so I did. I've got to say; your tuxedo isn't scary at all. I'm Patricia Holmes and would like to have a few words with Ruth, if I can, before festivities get underway.”
 He grinned and stepped back, beckoning with his head for her to enter. “Yeah, we don't do fancy dress-ups, sorry. We're far too dull in our old age. Come in. Ruth is applying her make up with a trowel. I'm Tony. I don't think we've met?”
 “Thanks, Tony, please call me Pat, everyone does. I left Graylands quite a while ago now, and even when I was there, I was only part-time. I consulted to the criminally insane, the lifers, worst of the worst. By all means, call me morbid. These days, I’m with the police.”
 He pointed to the chair by the desk for her to sit then turned his head to the bathroom. “Hon, it's Patricia Holmes. She wants a word with you before we go downstairs. Do you want me to hang around, or can I go down and mingle?”
 Ruth Hawthorne stuck her head around the doorway with a lipstick clutched in her right hand. “Hello, Pat, bloody long time no see, how are you doing?” She turned her glance to her husband, “You can leave us girls. We can go down together. Is that all right, Pat? My God, I love your outfit.”
 “Thanks, Ruth. I thought I’d have a bit of fun. Going down together works for me. I need a private chat anyway...”
 “Sounds ominous. You get off, Tony. Pat joined the dark side and is with the police now, but I don't think she is here to arrest me.” 
Pat shook her head and smiled as Ruth disappeared back into the bathroom. Pat sat down on the seat to wait, and Tony acted like most people do around detectives; nervous and in a hurry to get away.
 “Righto, see you downstairs. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Holmes.” He scampered out the door quickly, eager to either get away from her, find a strong drink, or both.

Why did you write a Glimpse 4, wasn’t it meant to be a trilogy?
Well, yes, originally this was to be THREE deadly glimpses. I wanted to tell a story of inappropriate workplace desires and the effect on four people during three murder investigations of three different serial killers. I think in the same way good actors like a mini-series to be able to really portray a character, I wanted three books to tell the story with all the nuances two married people would feel who were attracted to each other. I believe I did tell that tale to the best of my ability, but after book 3, Glimpse, The Tender Killer was published, a groundswell of public and reader opinion made itself known by way of emails…..It seemed my readers, including my narrator, and editor wanted to know what happened to my characters next. Quite frankly, I was stunned by the response
 I was genuinely flattered, but as a writer, I had ‘moved on’ and had other projects I was working on such as Winter at the Light, and a full re-write of Domin8, yet the calls for more continued. I truthfully never expected that, and was deeply moved that my characters struck such a chord with readers. But, still the ethos of the Glimpse series was to take the reader inside the minds of three separate serial killers and show why they were the they were, so to create a fourth instalment would require another killer, and that wasn’t so easy to do. 
 I am deeply fascinated by all things psychology, and in particular, what circumstances create the triggers which cause some people’s minds to fracture and create a serial killer. In Glimpse, The Angel Shot I use 3 quotes from one of America’s worst serial murderers, Ted Bundy, to give an indication how these types of people think:
"Murder is not about lust, and it's not about violence. 
It's about possession."
"We serial killers are your sons; we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more 
of your children dead tomorrow."
"What's one less person on the face of the earth, anyway?"

  For me, this is not only some of the most chilling words I have ever read, but deeply, and yes morbidly, interesting. So, for me to create another serial murderer for Patricia Holmes to profile, wasn’t easy, and it took some time to come up with the answer. My wife inadvertently came to my rescue when we were out one night at a social function and she said to me when she returned to the table, “You’ll never guess what is written on the back of the lady’s toilet door.” I looked up and joked, “Jeez, I hope it’s not my phone number advertising for a good time.”
 Obviously, she is used to my warped sense of humor, and gave me a withering stare, until I asked her, “No, darling, what is on the back of the door?”
  Her answer was like a bolt of lightning hitting me, and my two all-time favorite words came to mind: “What if…”
  My loving wife gave me all I needed to create a man so troubled by his dysfunctional marriage he wants to rape and murder vulnerable women when they asked for help to be rescued from a troublesome date. 
One thing about me readers may find interesting:
I am fascinated by how the human mind can fracture and have a tremendous respect for psychologists, and psychiatrists who try to help patients put the pieces back together. A good friend, and his wife are both prominent psychologists, and my daughter has degrees in criminal psychology and justice. I often wish I had studied the subject myself, but at that age I was far more interested in rock music, free love, illegal substances, and telling stories. The Glimpse series is named that because in each book I try to offer the reader a look into the killer’s mind set, and offer an answer to the question most people want answering; why.
One thing about Glimpse 4 I think readers will find interesting:
A character named Jolly appears in Glimpse, the Tender Killer as the evil alter-ego of the schizophrenic serial killer, Bobby Cornhill, whom the media nickname, The Biblical Killer, because of the religious quotes written in blood on the victim’s walls. I received a lot of emails from readers demanding not only to bring him back, but asking the question, was Jolly a real entity or just a figment of Cornhill’s very troubled mind. While I loved creating this character, I was stunned that readers wanted more, and in Glimpse, the Angel Shot, Jolly features a lot more. This time one of the main protagonists, Rick McCoy sees, and talks to Jollly. The question again is: Is Jolly real, or is Rick slowly going insane?
Who is Jolly?
I am genuinely staggered by the number of readers who wanted to know more about my character, Jolly. I wanted the reader to wonder, is Jolly real, or just a figment of a very troubled mind? And boy, did they.
I loved Jolly, and felt I was crossing the border into the supernatural, as if I was writing like my more famous namesake. I put a lot of effort into making Jolly feel real to not only the murderer, but make the reader ask that question, is he somehow real and chooses who he appears to? 
I had so many requests, when I sat down to write Book 4, The Angel Shot, I knew I had to bring Jolly back, and, I did with a vengeance. The hairs on the back of my neck still tingle when I read about Jolly, and I know what happens next! I hope those readers who wanted to see him again are satisfied, and they can finally decide if he is just imaginary, or somehow, a sentient character who chooses who he will appear to, and influence. How could he appear to Bobby and make him murder liars in an internet chat room, yet confront Rick McCoy and offer a lifeline to save Juliet, his wife? And, then, when Jolly appears to Juliet and offers a way to find solace, and help to keep her sanity, is he helping, or hindering her recovery?
Suffice to say, my beta readers, my editor and narrator, enjoy the juxtaposition that Jolly creates. While Rick worries, he is losing his mind, supposedly, all Jolly wants to do is save his wife’s sanity, and life. 
Could such a thing actually happen? As Pat says to Rick when he finally admits to her he is seeing Jolly "We all need help at different times in our lives, sometimes more than others. Often, speaking about what is inside us helps our fears and anxieties dissipate by bringing them into the open and letting you examine them in the cold light of day. I can see Jolly seems real to you, which of course, he would, wouldn't he? If it weren't so real, you'd shrug it off and laugh. A psychosis, no matter how severe, is always real to the person experiencing it. It should never be shrugged off, laughed at, or ignored for that matter. You've been under more stress than anyone should have to bear, I'd be amazed if you didn't come through it without some, shall we say, quirks. It doesn't mean you're mad or need locking up or can't function as you are. But I think the first step for you is to understand why this is happening. Guilt is one of the most powerful motivators there is, and I think once you accept that, work with it instead of trying to fight it, you will see Jolly less and less.
Will Jolly appear in a future story?
Hmm, I am honestly not sure. From my perspective, he is a wonderful, rich character to write for. Intelligent, deep, and he keeps quoting the bible to suit any given situation. So, maybe he will. I’m not saying Jolly is appearing to me, but I sometimes, in the still of the night, hear him whispering to: “Stephen, bring me back…”

Why a short story in the Glimpse series?
I am reminded of the adage, less is more, and for writers, that means the less you say, the more impact it can have. So, the challenge for me was only writing 13000 words featuring a character I love writing for, when sometimes I could just write, and write and write… Then, before I know it, I’m approaching 100,000 novel limit. When I read through The Dinner Guest, as I have so many times now, I realize just how much I was able to say, with so few words, and I am thrilled with the result. I am tempted to perhaps write a few more short stories, or novellas for Pat, and Rick, in their own anthology. We shall see how Book 5 is received, and if there is a demand from my loyal reader. 
Well, as I said earlier, never say never.
Thank you so much for having me on your blog, and the chance to chat about my Glimpse world.
                      So nice having you here today!
In case you missed them, here are the first three thrillers in 
                               the Glimpse series