Monday, April 29, 2019

Goats and Good Friends, the perfect day.

    Thank you Norma and Carol for  
     inviting me to the Greeley Goat show. 
 We lucked out on the weather, 
                         and saw some wethers!                                        Sweet La Mancha does.             
 Goats were among the first domesticated animals.          Between 10,000-11,000 years ago, Neolithic farmers in the Near East starting keeping small herds. Today over 300 breeds of goats exist, living on every continent except Antarctica. From tropical rain forests, to dry hot deserts and cold high altitude regions they have survived. 
                      Image result for image Bezoar ibexes alive
  Every breed is adapted from the wild Bezoar Ibex.  
       Glad mine do not have horns this large!
           At the show, there were lots of babies
                           to oooh and aaaaah over.                
                           pygmy goats


Nigerian Dwarf goats 

                           One of my favorites breeds...
the Nubians

For me,"Best in show" was this huge Boer billy goat. Compared to the other animals he seemed massive. Although I know he could stomp me flat if I got inside his pen, he acted gentle, and I thought he was very special. 
   We spent hours enjoying all the goats and friendly folks. Lots of young girls and boys showing animals they had obviously spent many hours working with and grooming. 
                             Boer goat judging
                         We came packin' (lunches) 
        so took a break to refuel before the drive home. 
                        A wonderful relaxing day.

                                   THE END

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