Sunday, March 8, 2015

Romancing The 8 at Trans Canada Romance Writers March 2015

                      Welcome to the March 2015 blog tour.
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                                 LADY GALLANT

  Handing her the pouch of wooden spindles, he ushered her down the hall. “I take it you had some purpose in gathering these.”
   “I stole them,” she openly confessed, head held high.

  “I assumed as much,” he said, and decided he liked Nurse Posey all the more with the fire of rebellion in her eyes.

   “You won’t tell will you?” Her step faltered and he tightened his grip on her elbow.

   “Are they for a good cause?” he asked, and cringed at the bleeding heart sound of his own words.

   “We’ve run out of firewood on the ward,” she explained. “I’ve fought too hard to keep my patients alive to watch them freeze to death.”
  Guileless courage, and naïve wisdom. “Sounds reasonable to me,” he agreed.
   Her shoulders relaxed, and a tentative smile curved the edges of her lips. It appeared Nurse Posey was tougher than she appeared...and felt...and not above a little pilfering when the
need suited her cause. She wasn’t bad at kissing either.

     Join Garrick Allen, a London Times war correspondent, and Josephine Posey, a nurse in Florence Nightingale's brigade. Will they survive the Crimean war to find love and hope in one another's arms?  
                                               LADY GALLANT
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  1. These 'eight' placed me back in the story I really enjoyed reading!

  2. Gini, I love your excerpt. Lady Gallant sounds wonderful. I've put it on my TBR pile.