Sunday, March 15, 2015

Horse Expo 2015/ FRIENDS, FUN, FOOD

(honest ladies, this was the best picture of the three)

What could be more fun than a day out with your girlfriends involving horses, shopping, and food. Nothing comes to mind.
The first thing we came across was a beautiful Belgian horse, 
which I really enjoyed since I'm Belgian too.
  The excitement really went up a notch when they discovered a new Breyer Horse. Norma and Carol collect them and have hundreds of them on display at their house. 

Of course shopping for clothes was high on tour list.
Both pairs of boots are covered in bead-work. They were GORGEOUS.....And such fancy footwear demanded a belt with bling, and a halter top with golden accents. 

Then there were the hats, I was good, didn't buy one. It was a true test of self-control 
The garden goodies were tempting too. Lots of flying pigs for some reason.

 These were neat, and handmade. 

 There is always educational material available, with nice folks ready to impart their wisdom
Food is never a problem, although we like to come packin', lunch that is.

 Lots of saddles and other horsey stuff. 

And there is never a lack of humor around the folks I went with, and the folks you meet there.

 One very interesting program was the Equine Comeback Challenge presented by A Home for Every Horse. Rescued horses are given another chance at a good life by being trained or re-trained so they are suitable for a new family and a new life. Most have been abused either physically or mentally but now they have a future with new owners. The trainers in the Equine Comeback Event had 90 days to work with these rescued horse, then they showed us what they had learned by putting them through an obstacle course. It was amazing. Made me feel so guilty for not working more with my donkeys. My guys are mostly good at eating and being cute.  

This rider/trainer is only 11 years old! Gives you hope for the next generation.

Just before leaving we came across a display with dragons,and "wooden armor", I think they were a Medieval Group who works with children. 

Since I freely admit to being a Medieval freak, my girlfriends talked me into trying on some of the items. (with permission of the vendor). I think they were made for a big strapping gorgeous Viking. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I can just see him now....

What a beautiful day. 
Perfect weather, terrific friends, 
and lots of positive energy. 
I'm a lucky little cowgirl.  

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  1. Sounds like a great time and lots of fun. I'm so surprised you didn't buy any hats! Awesome photos.