Friday, November 11, 2022

Handweavers Guild of Boulder Fiber Art Show and Sale

   Spent a wonderful day with my sister which included a visit to a spectacular exhibit of woven, felted, crocheted, knitted, and knotted items. There was also beadwork, handmade paper, and tatting all done beautifully, creatively and inventively. 
   The folks available for information or questions were so interesting and well versed and such a pleasure to meet.  
 Here are a few of the excellent items on exhibit and for sale. 

                                      HATS! one of my favorite things....
                 And mittens and shoes/slippers....
                                    all made with a felting technique.

There was a weaving demo on one of the more complicated looms
 that utilizes several harnesses. 
          The following pictures were also made with felt, 
                                     they were beautiful. 

And just when you thought felting couldn't get more complicated and amazing these figurines are also made with felt. 

     I was really attracted to this idea 
                                of embroidery on felt, so cute.
                              Will definitely have to try this. 
There were rows and rows of shawls and tea towels, my photo's of those did not come out :(  
Can only imagine the time and effort needed to make
 these items and set up the displays. 

 Thank you Handweavers Guild of Boulder.

Then we had hot fudge sundaes, 
who could ask for more!


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