Friday, December 22, 2017

Spend Christmas in the Crimea/ circa 1854

     With bombs bursting in air, and black-market schemes afoot, join Nurse Josephine Posey, and Garrick Allen, the Times 1st war correspondent, as they try to make Christmas special for the soldiers.                                   
                          330 pages.Only $2.99 
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   Disowned by her father and still mourning the death of her fiancé, Josephine Posey joins Florence Nightingale’s brigade of nurses bound for the Black Sea. Thousands of British soldiers desperately await these angels of mercy and a new life awaits Josie. Amidst the chaos of death and despair, she finds a spark of hope, lighting the flame once more inside her soul.

    In search of the truth, Garrick Allen, one of Britain’s first war correspondents also journeys to the Crimean Peninsula. To him the soldiers seem all but abandoned by Queen and country, and as he smokes his cheroots and makes friends with a bottle, he writes his bold but honest dispatches for The Times.  Not wanting anything more than to finish his job and go home, Garrick is blind-sided by a nurse with attitude who offers him a new slant on life and a reason to love.

   "I highly recommend it to any fan of historical romance.”                Long and Short Reviews

“Rifkin’s novel is epic in scope, meticulously researched and finely detailed.”
                         Romantic Times Book Reviews

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