Monday, October 17, 2016

Longhopes Donkey Shelter.Rescues Donkey #900

900 donkeys rescued! Congratulations to Kathy and Alan and all the wonderful people at Longhopes. What an amazing achievement. 
This nonprofit organization is instrumental in rescuing, educating, adopting out, and promoting awareness of the plight of donkeys. 

Visit them here 
for more information, and check out
 their wonderful gift shop. 

My donkeys, Rosie and Jack, came from this shelter, and for over
16 years they have given me one of the best reasons for getting up in the morning! 

Longhopes is located in Bennett, Colorado. They have yearly open-houses where you can meet these wonderful animals, or make an appointment to visit (303) 644-5930. If you can't adopt, you can always sponsor a little friend in need. Longhopes Website


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