Tuesday, October 13, 2015

READCON 2015 Greeley/Firestone


 This year I was privileged to be part of two Colorado ReadCon Books & Brews events. One in Greeley, and one in Firestone.

Zoe's Cafe was our host in
Greeley. The town, once known as the Union Colony, was founded in 1869. An experimental Utopian community, the land was purchased by Nathan C. Meeker, a newspaper reporter from New York City. 
   Greeley is a beautiful site at the confluence of the Cache la Poudre and South Platte Rivers (including the area of Latham, an Overland Trail station).

  The name Union Colony was later changed to Greeley in honor of Horace Greeley, who was Meeker's editor at the New York Tribune, and who popularized the phrase "Go West, young man". 

                         At Zoe's Cafe...
                                                    we had a HUGE turnout. 


     And a costume contest. 
with music by Banjo Andy                                      
                                  A most enjoyable evening all around. 

                              The Firestone Books and Brews 
                                  was held at the impressive 
                              Carbon Valley Regional library. 

Wish I could wander around in here for the entire weekend, exploring and finding new books.  

    Before Firestone became a city, the surrounding area drew settlers around Fort Junction, a sod fortress built between 1863 and 1865. Fort Junction was manned by St. Vrain Valley Home Guard – a volunteer militia used during the Colorado Wars to keep pioneers safe from Indian attacks. 

The  McKissick 
brothers John, William, and Thomas were Home Guard volunteers. John and Thomas became County Sheriffs and William discovered coal in southwestern Weld County. 

Calling the coal town Firestone was influenced by the fact that Jacob Firestone, of Ohio, was a large investor in the mine. 

     Okay, Back to ReadCon. There's so much history all around out here it's hard not to get sidetracked.

       Firestone = Fun, Food, and Frivolity   
       With music by The Prairie Scholars.
              Andy and Jessica Eppler
                                      Had a wonderful table,
                    my sister always finds the best spots to set up! 

There were several really cool dioramas around the library... 


                            My favorite, featuring DRAGONS. 


                        Again, we had a wonderful evening. 
   Much thanks to Peter Derk and all the gracious employees and volunteers in the Farr Regional Library, the Carbon Valley Regional Library, and the High Plains Library District. 

     With special thanks to Kathy Brown for sharing the adventure, and taking great photos.

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