Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TCRW Romancing the 8 April 2015


     Welcome to TCRW Romancing the 8   
 blog hop for April 2015 

                        Today my eight sentences are from 
                              The Dragon and The Rose, 
    my adventurous romance set in the Medieval era, a time when magic still existed, and love could conquer a reluctant knight's heart.
  A monstrous wave tossed the tiny ship about with disinterested ease, and the windblown sea-spray added another layer of freezing mist to all that it touched. With a hand pale as death, Martanzia Verheire drew her sodden cloak closer about her shivering body. Now she was cold as well as afraid.

  Another breaker of grotesque proportions swept the listing craft upward, and for one breathless moment, the boat clung to the frothy
crest. Then the unseen pelagic hand relinquished its grip, and the floundering craft careened downward at a riotous angle.

 Clawing at the slippery surface, Martanzia fought to remain seated on the heaving deck. Her senses reeled and her stomach rebelled. 
   Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined sailing from Flanders to England would be such a dreadful ordeal.

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                               The Dragon and The Rose
England 1100 A.D.
A Norman warrior—seeking land rather than love.
A Saxon good-faith hostage—seeking freedom and restitution.

     Sir Branoc Valtaigne, ordered to Northumbria By King William II, fights to keep peace along the Scottish border. A formidable battle-tested warrior, he honors his vows to God, king, and country, but a young woman’s smile may prove to be his undoing.

     Martanzia Verheire, tricked into standing as good faith hostage for Flanders, seeks freedom from castle Bamburgh and love from Sir Branoc. As she clings to the Celtic dragon statue given to her by her mother, she leads them all to the brink of an era where true magic will be gone forever, but where dreams can still come true.


  1. This title sounds interesting and a must read.

  2. I really love the action and sensory details of the scene