Sunday, November 16, 2014

McCarty Fickel November Victorian Tea 2014

 The temperatures dropped, and the snow did fly.
Then a little angel named Christina Hildebrandt dropped by.
She picked up our spirits her harp music so sweet,
it gladden our hearts and quickened out feet.

 The food was prepared with loving care,
 sweet and delicious for those soon to be there.....

The silver was polished, the tree was aglow.
Before you knew it we were ready to go.

 The Red Hat Ladies arrived by the score.
We were so happy to see them as they came through the door.
Virginia told of the folks
 who once lived in the house.
And everyone listened, quiet as a mouse.
The servers were dressed beautifully, 
their smiles in place
as they helped one another bring joy to this place.
  ( Meda, Sandy, Virginia, Virginia, Janice, Virginia)
       Our unsung heroes were Dick and John.
   They were busy in the kitchen
when the cameras were on.
On the way out the door, all seemed in good cheer.
We hope they had fun
and were glad they were here.

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  1. The pictures and the poetry just beautiful. Not to mention the most talent author Gini Rifkin!!!