Tuesday, July 2, 2024

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Chillout this July with a 
5 star Medieval Romance  
"Promise Me Christmas"

Finalist Colorado Authors' League 
best novella 2024

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   The nights are growing longer and the winter snows are coming—Darkenwald Castle is under siege.  

Lord Guy Blackthorne is prepared to lay down his life for his children, his wife, and all who seek his protection. But as renegades, mercenaries, and political intrigue surround his ancient family stronghold, he’s forced to stay his hand against those who would dare to attack his fortress.  

   As supplies and hope dwindle, Lady Vespa fears Yule will not be one of good cheer, and the children shall have no gifts this year. At least she and Guy have one another, for that she is thankful. But there are few private moments to share their love, and every endeavor to satisfy their passion is interrupted when the enemy attempts to invade the castle. 

5 Stars/Mistress of Book Reviews Promise Me Christmas is a heartwarming story of love and honor and keeping one’s promise, all wrapped in a medieval adventure sprinkled with humor and sweet romantic moments.

5+ Stars N.N. Light/I love medieval romance and this medieval holiday romance spoke to my heart. Brilliant from start to finish, Promise Me Christmas took my breath away. The descriptive narration is poignant and draws the reader into the story. The setting is historically accurate. The world-building is immersive. The characters, though, are what make Promise Me Christmas a book worth reading this holiday season. Even with the threat of war, their love is unwavering. I can honestly confess it’s a gem and a reread. 

5 Stars Between /The Pages
This medieval historical romance was a captivating read. I enjoyed the twist of having the main characters married. Their lives were already intertwined, but during war-filled times, they had to always be prepared to defend their home and livelihood, which created a distance they longed to fill. The plot and characters were well-developed, giving the story a smooth reading flow. The author has a great descriptive voice that places you in the scenes. Guy listening and taking Vespa’s ideas into consideration on how to help defeat the enemy shows his love, devotion, and respect for his wife, which strengthens their relationship, and makes this story a perfect holiday read. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book. 


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