Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tartan Festival and Farmers Market

          This weekend, Longmont Boulder County Fair Grounds 
                                   was a hive of activity. 

                        The weather was perfect with lots of fun booths

Clothes, long dresses, oh my, but I resisted!
Beautiful horn drinking cups
And great live music!

            The folks from the Scottie Dog Rescue were there.
                        This little guy had his own kilt.


Wearing authentic chainmail, 
 Brave knights were on hand defending the land. 

Mary, Queen of Scotts graced us with a visit
 with her ladies in waiting.
The costumes were gorgeous and the ladies were 
elegant and welcoming. 
They make appearances all over Colorado. 
You can read more about this group at 
Mary Queen of Scots of the Highland Rockies

   A dazzling array of fresh produce. I couldn't believe the     mushrooms available from Hazel Dell's farm

              I bought King Oyster and Cinnamon Cap mushrooms 
                                   and they were delicious


A fun day and sad to say Good Bye....


#HazelDell #maryqueenofscotsofthehighlandrockies #tartandays

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