Friday, March 15, 2024

99 cent sale. Only a few days left for this award winning Historical Western.

 Perfect for this snowy weekend, 
                or save for a lazy summer afternoon!

A man for hire and a widowed goat rancher. Will the total eclipse unite more than the sun and moon? And why does the old prospector keep tabs on the town and show up just when needed? 

What does he desire most, the woman or the artifacts? Until he met Una MacLaren, he’d have chosen the relics. Now this Scottish lass has him rethinking the direction of his life.  

Spirits long dead are not resting easily, and a more recent murder has yet to be solved. Will the return of the mythical white cougar lead them to answers or destruction? 


                                                Available here

Best Historical Western of the year! 
Best secondary character 
                                               Available here

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