Monday, August 28, 2023

5 STARS for To Love or Protect


 A brilliant combination of special ops excitement, 
                  and vampire adventure. 

 To Love or Protect by Faith V. Smith is a great read, both entertaining on a fast action level and with a true-love-forever story we all wish for. 
   How can Kira guard this unbelievably handsome man when he’s way too ready, willing, and able to sacrifice himself to keep her safe.
   Kira, a former Marine now part of the U.S. Secret Service, is assigned to protect the President. Gareth Hayes, Commander and Chief and ex-Army Ranger, has doubts and concerns about a woman taking a bullet for him. But unbeknownst to Gareth (who finds Kira extremely and distractingly sexy) this woman comes with an extra talent, she’s also a VGP—Vampire Government Protector. 
     When a revenge seeking enemy tries his best to kill the both of them the story ramps up in page turning tension with love scenes hot enough to scorch the pages or melt down your e-reader. 
    The other VGP’s in this story are wonderfully interesting and entertaining and give a different slant on vampires as they apply their talents to helping Mankind around the world. It made me wish I had one for a friend, especially Claude the chef. 
    The road to love between Gareth and Kira is anything but smooth but it is also undeniable and unstoppable. 
    To Love or Protect is well written and researched and you’ll feel you are right there in the heart of D.C. while you happily accept vampires as total reality. 

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About the author:


A down home Georgia girl, born and bred, Author Faith V. Smith has an interesting past as a book reviewer, columnist, and editor, before becoming a multi-published author of paranormal romance. When one of her fans said they could see her sitting on her front porch in a hoop skirt, clicking away on an old typewriter, she said, "Nope, I'd rather be wearing jeans and carrying a magical whip." The whip is used to crack out more of her tortured vampires, immortal executioners, Fae, and Viking heroes.

Faith resides with her daughter Amanda, memories of her angel in Heaven husband Rick, and a special zoo crew of furry babies.

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