Friday, February 3, 2023

More weaving projects.

 Just finished a scarf for my niece in NYC. She loved it! 

             Made from alpaca yarn, color called boysenberry

This time, I tried a method that uses a pick-up stick so I could get a more varied pattern than plan weave. Really enjoyed using this technique although you have to pay attention, lol, or you can get lost. I tend to daydream when weaving so that can be tricky for me. 

Pick up stick course  Here is the course I took on-line from a fantastic weaver and instructor, Sara Goldenberg White.  

I learn something new with each project, and usually make a new mistake too, but I'm keeping a journal so hopefully won't make same mistake twice. 

       Already started a new project, a baby blanket for nephew and his wife in L.A. Using 100% organic cotton grown in USA.  Excited to see how this comes out. Warping the loom takes nearly all day, especially when you are working with a 32 inch loom and using about 300 strings!

I hope you have something fun in your life about which you are passionate. 
  #rigidheddleloom #weavingandwriting 

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