Saturday, August 13, 2022

4-H, friends, and fun at the county fair.

                We had a great time supporting, Peyton,
          a wonderful young man at his first 4-H goat show. 
There were several categories and Peyton worked very hard with his goats and the time and effort paid off as his boer goat, Feta, did well. They won and placed in many of the events. 
Peyton showed kindness and patience toward his goat while exhibiting, paid attention to the judge's comments, and excelled in his showmanship. 
I think he had fun and learned a lot, 
and this was a very successful day!   
 We were all very proud of him, especially sister Taylor, and his Mom who entered the parents' just for fun event. The kids were the judges and they pulled no punches. 
Got to spend quality time 
with my friends. 
Thank you Carol for taking us,
(darn, I didn't get a picture of you)
and for doing so much for so many people. 
                         We need more support for 4-H, 
                                    these are great kids and 
                               they deserve some recognition. 

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