Monday, August 30, 2021

Cherry Red new from Darlene Fredette

5 stars for this fun and tasty read.

Blurb: This summer, ice cream entrepreneur Carly Redd's only focus is expanding her business—until she's coerced into attending her ex's engagement party. Showing up without a date is unthinkable. She reluctantly agrees to be escorted by her brother's co-worker, although doing so breaks her rule of not dating firefighters.

The daughter of the town's fire chief should wear a Do Not Touch sign, but firefighter Noah Harding's interest blazed the moment he saw Carly. Agreeing to be her fake boyfriend is a no-brainer, but convincing Carly to trust him with her heart is harder than extinguishing a fire.

Overstepping the platonic-only rule is as dangerous as fire and ice swirling into a tempting combustion.

A great addition to the Wild Rose Press--One Scoop or Two series

First of all, what a fun cover. This is a perfect little read to cuddle up with during the approaching Fall days. And it features ice cream and firemen…what more could you want?

The story brings together Carly Redd, who runs a local ice cream parlor, and Noah “Blaze” Harding, a fireman who runs her heart rate up. 

Her father is a fireman, her brother is a fireman, and the guy who broke her heart was a fireman. Three strikes against Noah before he can even say “Hi”.  But fate brings them together when Carly is roped into attending an engagement party for an Ex, and Noah is volunteered as her date. 

Carly has sworn off personal involvement with firemen, but how can she say no to handsome, thoughtful, and fun to be around Noah?  With the fire chief and Carly’s brother warning him off as far as dating her, maybe she won’t have to worry.  

But Noah is persistent, just what we expect in our heroes. And although Carly has a few doubts about herself and her future, she also finds the courage to take a chance personally and professionally. 

 How they both overcome the obstacles, self-made and otherwise, offers a good story with ice cream experimentation and a motor cycle thrown in for good measure.

 I always enjoy Darlene Fredette’s writing, and although a quick read, the characters were well developed and showed growth. A happy little escape 

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  Author Darlene Fredette, resides on the Atlantic Coast of Canada where the summers are too short and the winters are too long. 

An avid reader since childhood, Darlene loved to develop the many 
stories coming to life in her head. She writes contemporary romances with happy-ever-afters. When not working on her next book, she can be found with her husband, her daughter, and her yellow Labrador. Darlene favourite pastime is taking summer day-trips to the Valley to soak in the small-town feel.

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review! So happy to hear you enjoyed Carly and Noah :)