Saturday, December 8, 2018

Poinsettia Paradise, a visit to The Flower Bin

      During the Christmas Season, my sister and I love to visit The Flower Bin for a blast of Holiday cheer. Warm and inviting it even smells wonderful. Located in Longmont, Colorado, they have been around for 47 years, wowing us with botanical marvels.
 A metal sculpture donkey, one of my favorite things, greeted us at the door. 
 Inside, there is something for everyone from the traditional.... 

to the whimsical... 

But the real showstopper, is the poinsettia display. Row after row of hundreds and hundreds of poinsettia of nearly every color and form. 

    According to Kim, the manager, each plant is grown onsite from a cutting.

And after many months of being lovingly cared for, they are ready to meet the world. Thank you Kim for your time and all the great information. You made us feel so welcome. 


      If succulents are your thing, you won't be disappointed either. 
Some of these cacti were HUGE. 
Or if you are planning ahead for next summer, you might need one of these. 
             The koy pond was very relaxing,                      and after browsing to our heart's content,
      we spotted two more sweet donkeys  
                We really enjoy this family tradition. 
         Take a few minutes, regardless of the season, 
                to visit this unique place to shop.
The Flower Bin's trademark goose bids us adieu. 

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