Monday, July 17, 2017

Cover Contest Results and a surfing goat

A HUGE thank you to all of you who              took the time to vote for 
               A COWBOY'S FATE 
    in the Almost Kiss cover contest. 
We just missed being in the top three. 
Boo hooo.
   Still, we were happy and proud to do that well. Having so many people vote was a gift in itself, and was truly appreciated. 

Now for something completely different
        and sure to make you smile.

                     A surfing goat. 
           Really. Here's the video.
                      Pismo beach, surfing goat
           No need to alert PETA, 
       the goatie seems to enjoys this.             

        Do not show this to my goat. 
      She may want to try surfing, 
           or possibly snorkeling! 
               If nothing else, she's 
             bound to want a pretty 
                yellow life-vest. 

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