Sunday, April 23, 2017

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                 A bit of Easter Egg Americana.
   The original PAAS® Easter egg dye was invented by an American named William Townley.

Mr. Townley owned a drug store in Newark, New Jersey, where he concocted recipes for home products. In the late 1800s, he came up with a recipe for Easter egg dye tablets that tinted eggs five cheerful colors.

In 1880, neighborhood families loved the idea and started buying Townley’s Easter Egg Dye packets for only five cents! He renamed his business the PAAS® Dye Comopany. The name PAAS comes from "Passen" the word that his Pennsylvania Dutch neighbors used for Easter. 
   Today, Americans purchase more than 10 million PAAS® Easter Egg Color Kits during the Easter season, and use them to decorate as many as 180 million eggs!
Helpful hint, next year use a whisk when dying eggs.
     There are many new applications for dying and decorating eggs, from applying stickers to using all natural ingredients. For me, when I think of coloring eggs, PAAS and that iconic package, will always come to mind.                 
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  1. Interesting tidbit about Easter egg dye. Wish I'd known it when I was helping my grands.

  2. As always, a great post, Gini! We've never tried dying eggs here. And now that my daughter is older, she gets a basket of goodies instead of hunting for hidden eggs.

  3. Great post. I have fond memories from my childhood with PAS dye and pink, blue and yellow fingers.

  4. PAS dye brings back fond memories of childhood and multi-colored fingers. LOL love your idea about the whisk, I'll give it try next year.

  5. This is AMAZING - I live right down the street from Newark and I never knew, thanks so much for sharing!! (Ps - the Kitty Botticelli is what dreams are made of.)

  6. That was a fascinating blog! I never knew that about PAAS (a box of which I still have in my Easter decorations drawer). Thanks! M. S.

  7. I love learning these historical facts about everyday things we use. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So interesting. My kids are grown and on their own, but they still want to hide eggs.

  9. This is such an interesting post - I never knew the origin of egg dyes, although here in the UK we often use food colouring - although I have to admit to preferring the chocolate kind! :)

    Love the decorations on your blog by the way!