Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bunnies, Books, and Buggies

Shula and Tova, 
the Passover Bunnies,
 are a year old.
They're so cute you just want to hug them. 

Is that a cookie or the camera?
Oh boy, fresh hay.
 It was fun the other day when we escaped. 
Poor Mom almost had a spell over that.
Well here we are again, 
just a sittin' in our favorite corner.  
We need a hobby, other than chewing up baskets.

March 7th was the Fannie Palmer Luncheon, we decorated for St. Patrick's Day
It was snowing big beautiful flakes, 
it looked like we were inside a snow-globe! 
I also had a book sale, always a fun time. 
Hey wait a minute. 
OMG is that another new hat. 
Went a little Steampunk. 
Then it was time for 
the Horse Expo with 
Evy, Norma, and Carol. 
Ladies Day out.
 We were packin' (lunches), 
and had a great time. 

We saw some serious Cowgirl Bling.....
Madonna style 
Very sexy, but not good for cuddling.

There were also several carriage on displays. 
They were in lovely condition. 
Really had to fight the urge 
not to touch or climb aboard.
It was easy to imagine one of my heroes 
and heroines riding in one, 
clip-clopping along a foggy cobblestone 
street in London. 
Or maybe they're racing across the moonlit moors, escaping some terrible fate. 

Perhaps sharing a chaste kiss, 
when he drops her off 
 following the fancy dress ball.  

Anyway, a good time was had by all.



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