Monday, January 28, 2013

National Western Stock Show 2013


Every year, my friends Norma and Carol, take me to the Stock Show. We pack our lunch, brave the cold, and try not to spend all our hard earned cash, which isn't easy because Cowgirls know how to do BLING.

The stock show has it all Jewelry, boots, saddles, sparkly outfits, purses.....,
lotions, potions, books, music, 
bed sheets, sculptures, paintings, hot tubs, tractors, barns, horses,  carriages,..... 

feed, seed, and FOOD

There are also booths with educational material generally featuring information about HORSES.

The folks from HawkQuest were there with several gorgeous rescued predator birds. For more information on their wonderful organization go to

I don't support the rodeo portion of the Stock Show as I find both calf roping and mutton bustin' to be cruel and un-evolved types of amusement. Animals have it pretty darn tough in this world without we humans adding to the misery. 

And as I am a vegetarian, I'm saddened to know many of the animals are bred for food. But I am also mesmerized by the beauty of the horses, especially the draft breeds, to stand beside them is breathtaking. So each year I go, perhaps a hypocrite, drawn to the opportunity of seeing marvelous creatures that otherwise would not cross my path.     

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