Friday, October 28, 2011


     The wheel turns. It's hard to believe it is Samhain already, my favorite night of the year.
    Since this is the Celtic New Year, I see it as getting a leg up on setting resolutions, looking forward to new beginnings, and being thankful for the past 12 months.

    I hope your Celtic year was prosperous, enlightening, and kind. Filled with family and friends. I am realizing more and more that the support of others, both physically and spiritually, is the only way to learn and grow (actually to survive) on this journey. The only way not to fall off a cliff, sink in the river, or fly too high. 
Listen for the wolf howling in the night, you may hear the ancient words and thoughts related to this most joyous day. 
    On this night, the ancestors walk abroad. The gates between the worlds are open wide. We call upon our ancestors, those known and unknown, to come among us and celebrate our reunion on this night of Samhain. We call upon our loved ones who have passed into the Summer Land to come and feast with us tonight. We offer remembrance and honor to their spirits. They help us to realize that at the time of greatest darkness, there is the greatest light.
   We look behind us at the past year and begin to assess what we have done with our year…and what we failed to do.

We look back on friends and loved ones who have gone beyond the veil and remember them.

We look at what we must leave behind in order to move ahead.
    We stand between the worlds in this Time-out-of-Time. We stand at the door of a New Year in a place that is not a place. In this doorway we are neither in the past or the future, we are in the Realm of Ancestors, the Island of Avalon.
We welcome the Lady of Avalon who gives rest and healing to those souls, who welcomes the dead, and who guides us all to rebirth. Please protect and comfort those who have gone before us. Ease their suffering if need be, remind them how much we miss them. How much we cherished having known them. How much we value the time they spent with us.

Tonight we call upon the spirits of this special realm to be at peace with us and to walk lightly among us. Help us to relinquish unnecessary burdens and walk into our future with light steps.

So leave your offering to placate the spirits.


And burn a candle that your ancesters might find their way. 

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