Tuesday, April 5, 2011


       As we spend our days walking on concrete in the shadow of towering buildings, with the nearest tree in a park or state forest, it’s easy to forget we are spinning through the universe on the Good Ship Earth. Easy to forget to watch the moon as she dances across the sky to a rhythm that existed before the first man. Easy to disregard the stars as they play out the fables and stories written in the constellations.

      Take a moment in the month of April and dare to set free the primordial instincts locked deep inside of you. Look up. There is a new moon in Aries, a full moon in Libra, Passover, Easter, and Earth day. In other words, April offers something for everyone.

      It’s the season for spring cleaning. De-clutter the house, your mind, your intentions. A time for new beginnings, wow a cosmic “do over” how often do you get a chance at that?  Oh no, does this sound like New Age mumbo jumbo. Really? Other than Earth Day there’s nothing new about any of this information. It’s not new age it’s ageless.       
       The days are longer since Ostera, the Vernal Equinox, the nights a little warmer. On the 18th, bundle up and seek thee the full moon. I’ll be gazing at it too and thinking of you.   

We are Nature, long have we been absent, but now we return.
                                                                                    Walt Whitman

    Oh--what will my new beginning be? I’m going to get a radical haircut. New house, new blog, new book, new me….. Of course, this might lead to getting a blow dryer and some of those mysterious hair-care products I’ve always tried to avoid. Wonder if the donkeys and goats will still recognize me?

With love and gratitude,

P.S. Feb 1865 is the only month in recorded history without a full moon.


  1. I'm alsways trying to de-clutter the house. Somehow I never quite make it. But I did start in the master bedroom and the part that is done looks great. Of course, now I have a bad cold and have to put it on hold until I feel better and have more energy. But I will de-clutter.

  2. Hi Gini,
    I've been in my writer's cave and just saw your wonderful blog! I lived on a small farm for many years and always had a menagerie that either wandered in or found a home with us for one reason or another. And oddly enough, I'd be the other lady in the crowd wearing a hat:)

    Good luck with the blog!